24 July 2024

Local Guide for Costa del Sol: Costa del Sol Directory

Costa del Sol means ‘Sun Coast’ and is the name given to the coastline of the Malaga province in Andalucia, southern Spain.

It’s the most developed of the Spanish Costas with a high concentration of package tourism. It was one of the first areas to open up to mass tourism in the 50s and 60s and the ensuing building boom went largely unchecked. High-rise apartment blocks and hotels are commonplace.

The climate is excellent, with at least 300 days of sunshine per year – one of the key attractions for its large ex-pat community. Many snowbirds from Northern Europe choose to spend the winter here. English is widely spoken, apartments are of excellent value, and many of the resorts are open year-round.

In 2020, just over 140,000 ex-pats lived in Costa del Sol, scattered around various towns that cater to tourists. They chose this Costa for multiple reasons because as well as delivering traditional Andalusia vibes, the Costa del Sol is an all-rounder.

Integration with the Spanish daily routine takes much effort and perseverance. The siesta culture with the split working day remains prevalent, and it is perfectly normal for Spanish. Expats and foreigners, living in Costa del Sol area sometimes having difficulties to adapt daily routine, and the language barrier is also one of the main issues to find what they need in the area.

As one of the English-speaking living in the Costa del Sol area, I had some difficulties finding what I need in the area locally. Local businesses or services are not always open, and hard to find details about businesses when you need them, also you don’t know which place is better or what is the quality of service, etc. Therefore I thought if there will be a local directory for people who are not around here & do not speak Spanish, it will be a great help for many people. That’s why I decided to create a directory website for especially English-speaking people who live in Costa del Sol Malaga. This could be a perfect Costa del Sol Directory for everyone!

Costa del Sol Direction is a Business Directory for Local Businesses in Costa del Sol Malaga. This platform connects locals in Costa del Sol with Local Businesses and  Services in Costa del Sol area. Costa del Sol map is shown on the website and you can easily navigate and find what you need in Costa del Sol Malaga. The website will be a useful tool as a Costa del Sol Directory for locals and visitors.

User Friendly & Easy-to-Use Costa del Sol Directory

Wherever you are in the area,  costadelsoldirection.com is a place to search and find out about local businesses & services near you. You can search by Location, Category, or Business Name to find what you need in the area.

The team in Costa del Sol Direction is checking businesses that are actively operating and recommended by locals in the area and list their details on our website, so visitors can access the main information of the particular businesses in need.  They can easily see what the business is offering, short bio, google reviews, contact details, and social media pages.

If you are living permanently or visiting Costa del Sol area, check out the website costadelsoldirection.com to see the local business operating in the area. Therefore you can easily find businesses when you need them and find out all their details.

Reference: https://costadelsoldirection.com/2022/07/12/costa-del-sol-directory

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